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EU history repeated: Will EU politics 2015 be just lik [...]

Twenty years ago, in January 1995, Austria, Finland and Sweden joined the EU, and a new Commission President (from Luxembourg) was about to take office. Clearly a reason to look back today and see what has changed since then – just to be sure history is not repeating itself. To do so, I use one […]

An IUU fishing vessel is spotted: what next?

The IUU Fishing Blog ends the year sharing the good news that the IUU fishing vessel Thunder has been sighted and may be close to being apprehended. An Interpol Purple Notice was issued in December 2013 in respect of the Thunder, which is flagged to Nigeria. The vessel is sought by the governments of New […]

UKIP's Euro-Party decision

This morning’s paper carried a story that first broke on Newsnight about UKIP’s decision to form a European party, the Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe. Much of the coverage has made a point of highlighting the reversal of position by the party since 2011, when there was an extensive internal consultation and vote by members. Certainly, to read […]

The Commission after the 2014 EP Elections

Following the 2014 European Parliament elections Anchrit Wille considers the normalization of the European Commission.

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Greece's SYRIZA-led government and the future of the EU's foreign policy

Kyriakos Moumoutzis |

The fact that SYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left) won last Sunday’s national elections in Greece was not a surprise. It had been leading opinion polls for months. The fact that the radical left SYRIZA formed a coalition government with the right wing ANEL (Independent Greeks) within hours of its electoral victory was not particularly […]

Globalization and Democracy

acrossthepond |

Timothy Hellwig, the author of Globalization and Mass Politics, explores how globalization affects the world economy and perception of the economic crisis.   

A Year of Blogging on Environmental Europe

Viviane Gravey, Jonas Schoenefeld | | 2 comments

Buzzing with fresh ideas on how to make our voices heard beyond the infamous academic ‘Ivory Tower’ after a UACES Student Forum Seminar in London in autumn 2013 and a course on social media at the University of East Anglia (UEA), we decided to set up this blog as a joint project. Given that it’s […]


The German Minimum Wage Act: An Opportunity Missed?

George Wilson |

After the Christmas festivities and New Year’s celebrations had subsided, those returning to work in Germany this month were, for the first time, the beneficiaries of a statutory minimum wage. Prior to 1st January, collective agreements reached at sectoral level provided a functional equivalent (along with specific statutory minimum wages set in some Länder). However, […]

Authoritarian Trends in NATO Member States Undermine the Alliance's Already Fragile Legitimacy

acrossthepond |

By James Krotz For months now, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has been embroiled in a resurgent geopolitical conflict with Russia over events in Ukraine.  Beginning in March, when Russian-speaking separatists in the Crimea region of Ukraine voted in referendum to join the Russian Federation, NATO and Western leaders called the referendum “a breach […]

First Post

inview | | 1 comment

Hello all! This is the introductory post on my new blog the EU in view, so I’ll just take the opportunity to say a few words about what it’s all about and what I hope to publish here over the coming months. As an MA student in European Studies, I’m going to be sharing my […]

Will renewables find their Daimler moment in 2015?

jolyongumbrell |

Two things might happen this year: renewable forms of energy such as wind, tidal, and solar power coupled to the new power-to-gas technology could become more widespread; while there could also be a gradual decoupling of fossil fuel use from economic growth. The issue of climate change has finally been recognised by world leaders, as […]

All alone

EU-Asia Institute |

Two weeks after the shootings in Paris and ten days after the memorable rallies of 11 January, emotion gives way to lucid analysis. There should be no illusion: France stands all alone. Of course, there were millions of individuals all around the globe who instantly displayed the “Je suis Charlie” slogan in order to show […]

Opening of national research programs: different national answers to international pressures?

Europe of Knowledge | | 1 comment

Emilia Primeri In a funding and policy context as deeply changed as the European one, the opening of national research programs has become an important instrument for national governments and funding agencies to increase international collaboration and to improve the quality and efficiency of scientific research. The opening of national research programs refers to the […]

Tolstoy's River

watercrook | | 1 comment

In the concluding chapters of War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy compares the course of history to a vast fast flowing river, driven by irresistible natural forces and carrying all before it; the role of the statesman is to navigate the ship of state, taking advantage of the currents, attempts to sail against the stream usually […]

Why has Germany fallen behind in the climate protection index?

jolyongumbrell |

In December 2014 the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) for 2015 was published by the environmental organisation Germanwatch, as a means of assessing the performance of 58 countries in tackling climate change. Between 2005 and 2013 Germany was one of the top 10 countries, whose climate policies were seen to be making the most effort […]

Unanimous respect, ambiguous legacy


30 years ago, on 14 January 1985, Jacques Delors, who had just taken office a week before, pronounced his programmatic ‘Declaration on the orientation of the Commission’ in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. He did so with ‘intellectual humility’ and ‘political determination’, two attitudes that seem to characterise rather well both the man […]

EU law sources

Carolina García Hervás | | 4 comments

I’m going to give you an introduction to the EU law sources. We will look at the most important publications and also where to find the main online resources and databases available for free. Most of the EU publications are available for free online today. The official journal of the European Union, OJ, is the official compendium of EU legislation and other official documents of the […]

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