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How to kill a premium brand

Remember when they wanted to change the recipe of Coca Cola? Very bad idea. If there’s one golden rule in marketing, it’s not to mess around with well-established household brands. You may surprise the customer with brand extensions – diet coke, cherry coke, coke zero – but you never ever alienate him from the core […]

The Commission after the 2014 EP Elections

Following the 2014 European Parliament elections Anchrit Wille considers the normalization of the European Commission.

Germany getting ahead with green petrol

A recent article by Daniel Wetzel published in Die Welt newspaper on 12th November 2014 entitled: “Vom Klimakiller zum Kraftstoff”, which translates as “From climate killer to fuel”, describes the progress made by German industry to develope an environmentally friendly synthetic fuel, which can be put in the fuel tank of a motor vehicle. See […]

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UKIP's Euro-Party decision

PoliticsatSurrey, Simon Usherwood |


This morning’s paper carried a story that first broke on Newsnight about UKIP’s decision to form a European party, the Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe. Much of the coverage has made a point of highlighting the reversal of position by the party since 2011, when there was an extensive internal consultation and vote by members. Certainly, to read […]

Four days that changed Europe

free |

Wolves-Honved (1)

Monday 13 December 1954 : An Anglo-Hungarian summit Sixty years ago, on 13 December 1954, the English champion Wolverhampton Wanderers welcomed the great Honved Budapest for a friendly at Molineux stadium. For teams from Eastern Europe, such matches were an opportunity to generate some revenues (though as stressful one given they travelled back on train […]

Russian Air Force "Unusually Active" According to Polish Defense Minister

acrossthepond |


By James Krotz According to Polish Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak, the level of Russian naval and air force activity has been “unprecedented” in the past week.  Indeed, over the past 9 months, NATO-Russian aerial close-calls have reached high levels.  40 incidents, with 11 of those being categorized as “high risk”, capable of bringing about escalation of […]


Reforming the European Semester for health – what role for civil society?

Ellie Brooks |

On 28 November 2014 the European Commission announced its plans to reform the European Semester, the EU’s annual cycle of economic policy coordination. This initiative comes in response to sustained monitoring and evaluation which suggests that the recommendations made as part of the Semester, known as the Country Specific Recommendations (CSRs), are not being implemented […]

The European careers of the EU's national leaders

Ronny Patz |

In recent years, more and more top leaders of EU member countries have been elected or nominated who have spent one or several parts of their careers inside EU institutions, soon making it nine serving heads of state or heads of government. In fact, today, the Greek government announced that former EU Commissioner Stavros Dimas is nominated […]

Party Politics in Afghanistan

Osmi Anannya |

Civil conflicts resolution is the most encouraging aspect of how to ensure that Afghanistan can become a much more peaceful country for generations of people to live in. There has been a strange lack of enthusiasm regarding the political climate locally there, and its concerning as to how there can be so less interest in […]

Swedish government collapsed after only two moths

acrossthepond |

By Dimitrije Tasic After holding office for only two months, a Swedish social democrat, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven decided to call snap elections for March 22. Lofven called for snap elections as he was unable to reach a budget compromise with the center-right opposition. In October 2014, Lofven’s Social Democrats formed a minority government with […]

South Stream Abandoned: Who Benefits and Who Loses

acrossthepond | | 1 comment

By Dimitrije Tasic Fuels might not draw maps of the world, but they clearly create and destroy political alliances. Putin’s visit to Turkey last week confirms this. His visit is important for at least two reasons. The first reason is that Russia officially gave up on the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline.  The […]

UK Government: So fed up with EU that it rejects food for the poor?

Jon Danzig |

On 25 February this year, the European Parliament voted on an EU fund to provide food aid to those suffering extreme poverty in the EU.  The EU offered up to £22 million pounds to help subsidise Britain’s food banks, but the money was blocked by the UK government. Today writing for the Mail on Sunday, […]

Transformation of Politics in Estonia

Jaanika Erne |

From 4 to 5 December 2014, I participated in CBEES Annual Conference “Baltic Sea Region and Eastern Europe: A new generation on the move” at Södertörn University, Stockholm, which conference aimed at “contemporary processes and challenges, and [...] the role of the new generations that have emerged in Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic Sea […]

Hollywood Huckster Appointed Ambassador to Hungary

acrossthepond |

By James Krotz On Tuesday, the United States Senate confirmed “The Bold and the Beautiful” producer and Democratic fundraiser Colleen Bell to the post of United States Ambassador to Hungary.  The vote was passed by a slim margin along partisan lines, 52-42.  The White House has expressed complete confidence in Bell’s ability to maintain relations […]

Maybe you don't know but Europe is really important in your live.

Carolina García Hervás | | 1 comment

I would like to show you why Europe matters in your life. Just think about the following example. A mobile phone. Behind a mobile phone there is a great idea, that is having a transformative impact on society and on our daily lives, all across the world. It is a little computer in your pocket with endless apps making life easier. Despite the […]

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