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Moldova at the crossroads?

According to information provided by the Polish development aid programme Polish Aid, Moldova is the country with a low level of GDP growth and of the other development indicators. “It is one of the most impoverished countries in Europe, largely dependent on foreign aid. Despite good reforms, the economy is based on monoculture, which makes […]

Exploring the Impacts of Austerity on Environmental Policy

Following the financial crisis of 2007/2008 and initial attempts to stimulate the economy through increased government spending, austerity has become a dominant narrative in many developed nations. Government spending has been significantly reduced in a number of European countries, as part of efforts to reduce both public deficits and debts. After several years of such […]

Europe of Knowledge in Context (ECPR 2015)

Beverly Barrett Last week we convened in Montreal, Canada for the 9th general conference of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR), which took place from 26-29 August at University of Montreal.  This was the first general conference of the ECPR to take place outside of Europe, and the francophone region of Quebec welcomed participants […]

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The European Commission, Expert Groups, and the Policy Process

Europe of Knowledge |


Julia Metz Day by day, the European Commission consults with more than 30,000 experts that convene in about 1,000 expert groups. I argue that in order to understand the ubiquity of expert groups we need to look at how and why the European Commission uses its expert groups in the policy process. In my new […]

Central Europe and China: what does the next generations of leaders think?

Tamas Matura |

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the third China-Central/Eastern European (CEE) summit, 2014.

A contribution by Tamas Matura (ESSCA Budapest). Even though the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and most Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries established diplomatic relations as soon as 1949, the Cold War made them drift away from each other. Only the last decade has brought new momentum to the bilateral relations between the two sides, […]

Bombardment of Damascus 90 years later: Two questions around the Responsibility to Protect

Normative Power Europe? Really? |


France bombed Damascus 90 years ago as a reaction to the Syrian revolt for independence. France held the mandate over Syria under the League of Nations authority. The day after an attack against French troops, France bombed the city for 48 hours. It is said that between 1000 and 5000 people died. Bombardments continued the […]


IUU: Is it a bird or a plane? Is it illegal fishing, unregulated fishing or crime? Look to the Fish Stocks Agreement fo [...]

iuufishing |

The first global instrument to introduce the expression IUU fishing was the 2001 International Plan of Action to Prevent, Deter and Eliminate Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing (IPOA), a non-binding international tool. Known as a toolbox for States to guide them in the fight against undesirable fishing practices, the IPOA is extensively referenced as the source of the definition […]

Schengen and the Refugee Crisis: Lessons for the East African Commmunity

EU-Asia Institute |

A guest contribution by Moses Onyango and Jean-Marc Trouille. In many parts of the world, geopolitics are confronted with two anti-nomic trends. On the one hand, numerous countries are engaged in a process of regional economic integration, epitomised by the more advanced model of the European Union (EU), and which requires ‘internal’ borders between participating […]

More literature on Brexit and the UK-EU renegotiation

thebrexitblog |

Plenty of literature coming out on the UK-EU relationship. Here I’ll quickly list four reports. In January of this year the Czech EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy published a policy brief on what the EU can do to contain the risk of Brexit: The LSE’s EUROPP blog is publishing a series I’m compiling made up of […]

Radicals and moderates in the referendum

PoliticsatSurrey, Simon Usherwood |

Last week, I wrote about intensity and direction as tensions in the campaign groups: this week I want to look at another faultline, namely that between ‘radicals’ and ‘moderates’. I use the quote marks, because radicalism is very much in the eye of the beholder, so it is hard to move beyond any subjective interpretation. Indeed, it […]

О чем говорил Путин с трибуны Генассамблеи?

Carolina García Hervás |

О чем говорил Путин с трибуны Генассамблеи ООН нет равных по легитимности, представительности и универсальности. С такого заявления начал свое выступление в Генассамблее в понедельник президент Российской Федерации Владимир Путин. Однако он предупредил, что кое-кто пытается действовать в обход Организац. «Мы все знаем, что после окончания «холодной войны» в мире возник единственный центр доминирования. У […]

the Volkswagen scandal and the future of car industry lobbying on environmental issues

Helene Dyrhauge | | 1 comment

The revelation of Volkswagen’s deception has left consumers, politicians, national authorities, and environmental organisations reeling. Trust in big business and industry has taken a nosedive, but it is not the first time a big company has deceived consumers and authorities, and it is unlikely to be the last scandal.  Given the lobbying power of car […]

Europe’s one-foot-in-one-foot-out approach to CCS isn’t working

Jeremy Moulton | | 2 comments

Last week’s announcement from Drax (the energy company that owns and operates the largest power station in the UK) that it would no longer invest in Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) development at its Selby plant came as little surprise. The news joins a litany of other stumbling blocks that CCS has suffered on its […]

The rescue of Volkswagen will involve a hydrogen powered engine

jolyongumbrell |

What will be the long term consequences of the Volkswagen (VW) exhaust emissions scandal? Monday 21st September 2015 may go down in history as the day when the world finally lost confidence in fossil fuel powered vehicles. At the very least the scandal will probably lead to the diesel engine for private passenger vehicles becoming […]

Testing the Daily Mail for impurities

Jon Danzig | | 3 comments

If you want to check for impurities in a swimming pool you don’t have to test all the water. You can just dip in a test tube to analyse a sample of the pool to get an accurate guide to the state of the rest of it. And so it’s been with the Daily Mail. […]

More than a car accident

EU-Asia Institute |

The Volkswagen emissions scandal has many dimensions, some of which have not even started to unfold yet. The sheer perversity of the software used by the company with the aim of hiding the real level of nitrogen oxide emissions of its cars is most likely to become a textbook case of corporate hubris and cynicism […]

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