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Monthly Archives: October 2011

How to Outfox a Euro-skeptic: The Challenges of European Defence Cooperation

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By Paolo Enrico Favino Usually, the current debate around the EU is characterized by a great struggle between Europeanists and Euro-skeptics, where the former say that a supranational Union between European countries represents the better solution towards an ill-defined ‘enlightened future’, and the latter talk back that the nation-state still is the real and only […]

Translating the Barroso/van Rompuy letter to the G20

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EU Commission president Barroso and European Council President van Rompuy have written a letter to the G20 (pdf). Here is my translation “EU speak to human language” to show what they actually mean: The decisions we have taken in our G20 Summits to date have been crucial in steering us through the global financial and economic […]

The European Union and the African Security Regime: Institutional Cooperation

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Workshop Summary, by Salim Latib At the heart of deliberations, during the ‘European Union and the African Security Regime: Institutional Cooperation’ workshop, held on the 20th to 21st October 2011, at the University of the Witwatersrand, was uneasiness with the implications, for partnerships and multilateralism, of the events that unfolded in North and West Africa […]

The 26-27 October 2011: The night of the tweeting journalists

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Let’s say this summit to save Greece and the Eurozone will have ended kind of late, late in the night. But those who were following these “events” won’t forget those brave women and men tweeting live from the European Council and Eurozone Summit of 26 & 27 October 2011. Those heroes, those eurojournos, tweeting while […]

Making use of #opendata: EP Intergroups and the network of UK MEPs [2x updated]

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Two weeks ago, I have blogged about European Parliament intergroups – 28 groups on various subjects which EP members can join to support a cause or to focus on special issues. As the data is not easily accessible and usable, I have produce an open data set with a list of all EP intergroups and […]

The night before the European Council: Merkel takes some drinks

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The night before the European Council on 23 October 2011, the two French journalists Jean Quatremer and Arnaud Leparmentier have dinner in the hotel Amigo where also the French and the Germans are lodged. “Diner ce soir à l’hôtel Amigo avec @ArLeparmentier où résident les délégations françaises et allemandes #euro” (Jean Quatremer) Merkel and Sarkozy return late, […]

The EU’s image is the boringness of its officials?

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“[…] There’s a problem with civil servants and politicians. The problem with civil servants and politicians as a breed is this: They deal every day with incredibly serious matters – very, very serious matters. The lives and livelihood of millions of people depend on their decisions. But they make the fatal error of believing that because […]