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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Preparing a Special Issue for African Security at Nottingham Trent University 14 Jan 2013

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Following our workshop in June 2012 at Wits Rural Facility near Krugerpark in South Africa we have decided to relocate to Europe in order to prepare our papers for a special issue at African Security. The dominating theme was policy convergence in the security field and its different forms and types which can be observed […]

My 95,998,800,000,000 cents on the EU budget deal

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The leaders of states and governments of 28 European countries (Croatia included) are able to agree over a long-term budget worth 959 988 000 000 Euros (in commitments) 11 months before this budget period starts. The leader of the directly elected European Parliament involving 754 members from 27 European countries (plus the Croatian observers) is able […]