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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Building the base: UKIP’s push to the General Election

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As I’ve discussed before on this blog (here and here), the real focus of UKIP’s work of late has not been last May’s European elections, but next year’s general election: without a breakthrough in the latter, the prospects for moving into a new phase of power/influence looks very limited. And so it that the party has been […]

Venezuela, the Black Market & Price Inflation

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This year saw Venezuela being filled with protests, owing to violence, inflation, and a lack of basic amenities in the national landscape. The some approximate 6000 protests that happened for the last six months means that many student arrests, political demonstrations,  hunger strikes, followed, all in the name of doing something about the inflation and […]

4 topics that may interest you in my doctoral thesis

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Last month, my PhD thesis “Information flows in the context of EU policy-making : affiliation networks and the post-2012 reform of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy” has been published online (under a Creative Commons license), so anyone is free to read it, quote it, criticise it. If you’ve been reading this blog for some time, […]

Lessons from the Ukraine crisis: Why the EU should choose Sikorski as the new High Representative for Foreign Affairs

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With the strengthening of the role of EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs in the 2009 Lisbon Treaty the EU seemed to have made a decisive step towards enhancing the institutionalisation of foreign and security policy. Lisbon renamed the post of High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, which had been held by the […]

What’s in a European Commission President?

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The next President of the European Commission faces a number of obstacles to a successful term of office. Political and institutional challenges, ranging from the power of the Council and the Parliament to the difficulty in building unity in the Commission, stand in the way of the President’s goals for the EU. In order to […]

The UK government must urgently overhaul its EU engagement strategy

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Britain’s current approach to the European Union has led it to a state of isolation and policy failure. In order to ensure the country’s interests, the UK government needs to develop a new comprehensive EU strategy based on building sustainable coalitions with other Member States, establishing cooperative relations with the EU institutions and fostering broader […]

Erasmus after 2017?

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Before the European Parliament elections in May the Leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg tried to defend Europe against UKIP’s Nigel Farage’s and his wave of Eurosceptiscm. Whilst Clegg’s reputation may be in tatters from his back-peddling over raising tuition fees, he did manage to make one very good comment about the EU. Clegg […]