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Monthly Archives: September 2015

О чем говорил Путин с трибуны Генассамблеи?

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О чем говорил Путин с трибуны Генассамблеи ООН нет равных по легитимности, представительности и универсальности. С такого заявления начал свое выступление в Генассамблее в понедельник президент Российской Федерации Владимир Путин. Однако он предупредил, что кое-кто пытается действовать в обход Организац. «Мы все знаем, что после окончания «холодной войны» в мире возник единственный центр доминирования. У […]

the Volkswagen scandal and the future of car industry lobbying on environmental issues

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The revelation of Volkswagen’s deception has left consumers, politicians, national authorities, and environmental organisations reeling. Trust in big business and industry has taken a nosedive, but it is not the first time a big company has deceived consumers and authorities, and it is unlikely to be the last scandal.  Given the lobbying power of car […]

Europe’s one-foot-in-one-foot-out approach to CCS isn’t working

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Last week’s announcement from Drax (the energy company that owns and operates the largest power station in the UK) that it would no longer invest in Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) development at its Selby plant came as little surprise. The news joins a litany of other stumbling blocks that CCS has suffered on its […]

The rescue of Volkswagen will involve a hydrogen powered engine

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What will be the long term consequences of the Volkswagen (VW) exhaust emissions scandal? Monday 21st September 2015 may go down in history as the day when the world finally lost confidence in fossil fuel powered vehicles. At the very least the scandal will probably lead to the diesel engine for private passenger vehicles becoming […]

Testing the Daily Mail for impurities

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If you want to check for impurities in a swimming pool you don’t have to test all the water. You can just dip in a test tube to analyse a sample of the pool to get an accurate guide to the state of the rest of it. And so it’s been with the Daily Mail. […]

Dear fellow jurists, human rights are about politics, and that’s perfectly fine

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For decades, the global human rights community has seen human rights as a matter of law, mostly international law. Economic, social and cultural rights, however, are meant to be progressively realized making use of all available resources. The violations approach and the work on their justiciability do not address the structural factors that constrain the […]