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Δήλωση Eurogroup 9 Μαΐου 2016 για την Ελλάδα: Σύνοψη & Σχόλια

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A. Η Δήλωση 1. Δεν ολοκληρώνεται η 1η Αξιολόγηση. Επιπλέον μέτρα: -Ένα πρώτο πακέτο (προφανώς άλλα θα ακολουθήσουν) μέτρων ύψους 3% του ΑΕΠ μέχρι το 2018: όπως και πριν, περιλαμβάνονται μέτρα για συντάξεις, φόρους, ΦΠΑ, και περαιτέρω μέτρα για τους μισθούς των δημοσίων υπαλλήλων. – Επιπλέον αυτόματος μηχανισμός περικοπών, που θα συμφωνηθεί με τους θεσμούς, […]

The European Hydrogen Road from Sheffield to Bochum

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A chain of hydrogen refuelling stations from Sheffield to Bochum could be the first stage in joining up the dots of hydrogen road transport across Europe. The first commercially operating hydrogen refuelling station in this chain is already in place at the Advanced Manufacturing Park near to Junction 33 of the M1 in South Yorkshire, […]

(S)electing the next Secretary-General of the United Nation: similar to the EU’s Spitzenkandidaten-process?

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Two years ago, the European Union had its first true electoral campaign held in public for the selection of the EU’s chief administrator, the President of the European Commission. Now, although within a different institutional context, we witness a similar process in the United Nations: the first open nomination procedure for the next chief administrator […]

Press coverage of the EU is failing readers and voters*

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As the debate about Britain’s place in Europe intensifies ahead of June’s referendum on EU membership, the role of the press has come under close scrutiny. Alastair Campbell, who was director of communications to the former British prime minister, Tony Blair, recently attacked the majority of the UK press for having “totally given up on […]

How the first UN Secretary-General Trygve Lie was (s)elected

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After watching yesterday’s first round of public hearings of candidates for Secretary-General of the United Nations – see my blog post – I was wondering how the first Secretary-General was (s)elected. As it happens, I currently have the memoirs of all former UN Secretaries-General in my office (see picture) as we are going through them […]

Selecting the next Secretary General of the United Nations: why you should watch the public hearings

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This year, the politics of selecting the next UN Secretary General have become something of an event. At least, as much as UN politics can become eventful outside some weird dictator giving an even weirder speech to the UN General Assembly. I’ve spent this afternoon – morning New York time – watching the first ever […]

Motivational Quotes For Work

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Do you have at work one of these lovely collaborative brainstorming boards? I do. Here is my inspirational (inspirational / management) quote. In short, I have taken the liberty to add a new twist to the widely used Altshuler’s quote. The impressive photo of F-22 was retrieved from Defense Industry Daily. In case you find […]

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