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EU’s Foreign Policy

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Since the establishment of the United Nations, there were attempts of European countries to coordinate their positions in the United Nations. Starting with regular consultations. The first actual forum of foreign policy coordination is in what then was the European Community was in 1970 when European Political Cooperation or EPC was established. EPC relied on intergovernmental processes of coordination. mAnd could, of course, not always […]

Why Juncker is not Cameron’s problem

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Since the elections for the European Parliament in May, public debate on European Union (EU) politics has gradually become dominated by the so-called ‘Juncker question’: the issue of the appointment of the next President of the Commission and more specifically British Prime Minister David Cameron’s opposition to the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker, the candidate of […]

Power shift? The EU’s pivot to Asia

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Over the last two decades, the world has witnessed the economic resurgence of Asia and the region is now a top priority in all global players’ agenda. In 2011, the US made official their strategic pivot to the Asia-Pacific, and decided to strengthen their trade relationships and their diplomatic presence with a heightened security presence. […]

The coming age of Europe

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At the end of the 80s, beginning of the 90s, the political shape of Europe dramatically changed when the Berlin wall fell. You may remember in 1989, images coming from Berlin portraying these people. This led to a unified Germany and the coming of democracy to the countries of central and eastern Europe. Amid this […]

A brief history about European Union

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Today we will deal with an important regional organization, the European Union, or EU. And see how it has developed over time. We will start by briefly exploring its origins and then see how it has developed and where it stands now. We will also familiarize you with core concepts of some important theories of integration. After World War II, an important development in European integration […]

Legislative process in the EU

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There are basically eight stages in the ordinary legislative procedure. The commission proposal goes to the European Parliament for a first reading, allowing it to formulate what is known as an opinion. There are three possible opinion scenarios. The European Parliament can reject the proposal. It can accept the proposal without amendment. Or accept the proposal with amendment, modifying the proposal. These first two scenarios are rarely […]

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