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50 years of leading the EU research agenda

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The JCMS Editors have established an award for the best articles in the Journal over the past 50 years. A jury of Drew Scott, Liesbet Hooghe and Helen Wallace – have had the difficult job of compiling a shortlist of 25 articles, 5 in each decade of JCMS’ existence, which have now been put to […]

BBC series scoops 2012 Reporting Europe Prize

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Congratulations to Jane Beresford and Allan Little (BBC) who were awarded the annual UACES Thomson Reuters Reporting Europe Prize at a ceremony in London on 24 May 2012. They won the prize for their BBC Radio 4 series ‘Europe’s Choice’ which aired on 5 – 19 February 2012.

Organised chaos

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Dr Simon Usherwood In 1996 Atletico Madrid won la Liga.  I remember this solely because I was in Madrid that night and witnessed what might be termed extensive celebrations, including the riot police at a couple of memorable points.

Hollande: the kid with a crayon?

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Dr Simon Usherwood During a roundtable discussion on elections last night here at Surrey, I was asked what the impact would be of Hollande’s election on the existing European-level agreements on austerity. After some metaphorical beating around the bush, I replied that I thought the impact would be marginal, akin to a child who gets […]

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A Two-Tier Commission?

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In light of the arrival of 34 new French ministers, I thought it might be worth reposting my suggestion for a two-tier Commission: Is it possible to create a two-tier Commission without changing the Treaties? Firstly: What do I mean by a two-tier Commission? What I mean is a Commission that, in some respects, continues […]

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A long week

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Dr Simon Usherwood As is often observed, a week is a long time in politics, and this has been a particularly long week.  From the EU’s perspective, the high points have been the re-election of the pro-EU government in Armenia and the failure yesterday of eurosceptics to get the hashtag #NotoEU trending on Twitter.  Not particularly glorious […]

Hello world!

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Welcome to my new blog on Ideas on Europe. I’m not entirely sure yet what I’m going to do with this blog, and what I’m going to leave on my old one. I guess logically I should put the EU-related stuff here, and the rest there. I’ll see. I guess it’ll depend on whether I like […]

Europe made me do it – Labour market reforms in Europe

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In these times of crisis for EU Member States, labour market reforms in a handful of countries have come to be seen as the final turning point for the so-called ‘Euro-crisis’. This is because labour market reforms are those ‘structural reforms’ that have been regarded as necessary ingredients in the recipe to put Southern Member States’ economies on firmer grounds.

How low can you go?

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Dr Simon Usherwood Perhaps it’s been the two weeks of unrelenting rain here, but it’s been hard to be too optimistic about the EU of late.  David Cameron’s remarks at the weekend about being less than halfway through the Eurozone crisis have only been reinforced by the poor economic figures, tetchy ECOFIN meetings, potentially deeply problematic elections in Franceand Greece, not to […]

Will there be real eggs on your Easter table? Directive 1999/74: the good, the bad and the ugly

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Egle Dagilyte is a Senior Lecturer in Law at Buckinghamshire New University and a PhD Candidate at The Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London. The author is thankful to Stefanie Ripley for comments that were incorporated in this article. As Easter is approaching, not all consumers in Europe will hit stores to buy […]

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