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Success or Failure: EU’s economic diplomacy with lesser powers

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According to Baldwin, economic diplomacy is defined as the use of economic means by a state to achieve its interests and goals (Baldwin, 1985:8). The European Union, rather than relying on military might, believe strongly in civilian power and partake in economic diplomacy to enhance its position internationally. Various tenets of economic diplomacy include, but […]

EU’s Military Gazes to the Dark

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As the world and the European Union casts its gaze on the destabilizing situation in the eastern cities of Donetsk and Kharkiv in Ukraine, it reaffirms once more that international awareness could only be shaped by great power politics. In this case, it is the underhand tussle between the eagle, the bull and the bear. […]

Question of Strategic Partnership and the EU

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The question of strategic partnership has been brought up when assessing EU’s foreign policy relations with the United States, Russia, and China. In particular, the debate surrounds the EU’s ambiguous relationship with China, often marred by political hostility exhibited by the United States. EU-China relations have been officially declared as a strategic partnership. Does the EU […]

Normative Power and Vested Interests – The Case of EU and China’s Arms Trade Policy

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Normative Power and the EU  The human rights agenda features heavily on the rhetoric and policies of the EU, and thus enables the EU to capitalize on a new identity, formed by shared idealistic values held by member states. European Union is unable to exert its identity as a strong and legitimate normative power because security […]

EU’s Ailing Economic Diplomacy

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Economic diplomacy is a form of statecraft that uses a range of economic tools to achieve foreign policy ends. According to most scholars such as Woolcock, EU’s considerable success has been attributed to two economic instruments: (1) progressive economic integration and removing barriers to competition; (2) common economic policies that aims to embed and regulate member-states […]

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