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The best possible outcome is to stop Brexit

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Brexit Secretary David Davis will have the perfect excuse when Brexit destroys the United Kingdom. Ignorance. He admits he hasn’t done any in-depth research on the impact of Brexit. He doesn’t believe in it. He just believes in Brexit; it’s a faith for him. Who needs facts when you’re a self-described “determined optimist”? But Theresa […]

If the talks fail, will we stay in the Single Market?

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Unless a solution can be found on the question of avoiding a hard border post-Brexit between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, then the UK will be staying in the EU Single Market and customs union. That on the face of it appears to be the outcome of last night’s frantic talks to reach […]

The two-faced Tories ruining the UK

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• Click photo to enlarge   All except one of Theresa May’s first Brexit Cabinet were in favour of the EU or its Single Market prior to last year’s Referendum. Now, all her Cabinet are taking the country on the road to Brexit, even though most of them had previously urged that such an action would […]

Renewal of the EU-NATO relationship because of Russia?

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Since the heads of the European Union and NATO signed the Joint Declaration in Warsaw in July 2016, their relationship seems to be in the spotlight again. More and more researchers and policy-makers show their interest in this special partnership. They closely follow closely the developments of the implementations of the proposals, which resulted from […]

The Political Economy of Democracy in the Eurozone during the Crisis

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If Europe’s economic and monetary union is to be completed and become true to its purpose in a democratic manner, many more steps are needed towards establishing proper democratic processes at the EU level. This will have to include true convergence and the elimination of disequilibria between Member States, an actual mechanism for fiscal transfers […]

Leaking and leak prevention in the European Commission

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============= UPDATE (15 December 2017): The European Ombudsman has concluded that the European Commission did not provide me with sufficient access to documents in my research on EU leaks. The full case assessment by the Ombudsman is published here. The Commission now has time until March to reassess my requests for access. ============= Today, my […]

Effective engagement with practitioners: using posters and infographics

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Yesterday I attended an event at the House of Commons on Brexit research and how it could be used to inform policy. This was jointly organised by the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology and the Economic and Social Research Council, the latter of which is funding the UK in a Changing Europe programme, which in […]

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Freedom of information in international organizations

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One year ago, I sent an email to the UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, David Kaye (@davidkaye), in reaction to a public consultation, not knowing whether it mattered. Now that his report on “Access to Information in International Organizations” is published, I realized that I was one […]

UK awareness of EU regional policy over time

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  A couple of months ago I wrote about the latest Flash Eurobarometer survey on perceptions of EU regional policy. One of the interesting results was the apparent increase in awareness of EU regional policy in the UK after the referendum.   Having now had a chance to access the raw data as part of […]

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Within the known as the “procés”, or the “Catalan question”, on 10th October 2017 the President of the Catalan Government participated in a regular session of the Catalan Parliament in order to give an balance of the political situation in the region. In his speech Mr. Puigdemont reported the positive results of the alleged referendum […]

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