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Workshop Report: Litigation Strategies at a Time of Digital Transformation: New Directions of EU Law

Ivanka Karaivanova |

How can we explain the successes and failures of interest groups in the European Union (EU) when they choose to litigate in the digital field, bottom-up? On 2 May 2024, a group of academics and early-stage researchers gathered in Science Po Grenoble - UGA to try and find an answer to the question above, to open a wider conversation on the emerging issues of litigation at a time of digital transformation, and even more broadly, to discuss the future direction of EU (digital) law.

The sleeping dog of ‘Europe': UK relations with the EU as a non-issue

Simon Usherwood |

Given that the past decade of British politics has arguably been shaped by the question of Europe more than any other single issue, one might have expected to find the matter to be front and centre in the election campaign. The economic and social consequences of Brexit still reverberate, with profound dissatisfaction among the general public about how it has been handled and with previously strong advocates on both sides of the Leave-Remain divide still very present in the political debate.

The renewed chance for the EU’s enlargement by Ukraine

Alina Nychyk |

The EU-Ukraine relations started with Ukraine’s independence in 1991, but they were not unproblematic. Ukrainian leaders wanted to get benefits both from the EU and Russia, at the same time not coming too close to either. Ukrainian citizens were divided on whether the country should integrate with East, West or stay on its own. The […]

A Reflection on EU Internal Unity through the UACES Conference

Marta Marafona |

Unity is strength. These were the words of the German Chancellor Scholz as he met with President Macron and Prime Minister Tusk in Berlin. Similarly, in his Sorbonne speech, President Macron appealed to more unity in face of constant geopolitical changes, calling for a strong bloc who is capable of leaving its footprint in the […]

The Success of the Populist Radical Right – What does it mean for the European Union?

Laura Montecchio |

In recent years, Europe has witnessed a notable surge in the popularity and influence of populist radical right parties. This trend has been particularly evident in the 2024 elections for the European Parliament, where this party-family has secured significant victories, reflecting a broader shift in the political landscape across the continent. One of the most […]

Strongest arguments to rejoin the EU

Jon Danzig |

Let’s cut to the chase: What ARE the strongest arguments for the UK to rejoin the EU? I asked Chat GPT 4.0 for the answer, which it gave in precisely 2 seconds. Clearly, I’m now redundant. But the case to rejoin the EU certainly is not. If only we could rejoin the EU as fast as AI gave its reasons to do so.

Advancing a Principled Approach: Human Rights and Environmental Integration in the EU Business Sector

Valeria Fappani |

This blog post summarises the contribution I submitted for the UACES 2024 Graduate Forum held this June in Amsterdam. I want to thank UACES for having organised and provided funds for attending this event!   Human rights constitute the core values of the European Union, enforceable both internally and externally. Through the Amsterdam Treaty-consolidated acquis […]

The (hidden) powers of the European Parliament in EU enlargement policies

Lien Jansen |

This article is based on research presented at the UACES Graduate Forum Conference 2024 and is anticipated to be published in a journal article currently undergoing evaluation. The 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine has reignited interest in EU enlargement, presenting new opportunities for (pre-)accession candidates. While much attention is often given to the Council and […]

EU Climate Concerns: Balancing Climate Cooperation and Competition with China

Blanca Marabini San Martín |

In June 2024, I had the opportunity to attend the UACES Graduate Forum held at the Vreie Universiteit Amsterdam, in part thanks to UACES’ funding support for early career researchers attending such activities. PhD students often face limited funding, which significantly impacts their ability to attend academic workshops, seminars, and conferences—events that are crucial for […]

The EU CBAM & the Philosopher’s Stone

Kevin Le Merle |

Many analysts attribute the rise of the far right across Europe to what has been coined a “green back-lash” also known as “green-lash”, whereby citizens blame climate & environmental policies for increasing the cost of living. The EU’s policies did not escape this new political reality. This resentment has been tapped into by parties stressing […]

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