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About Ideas on Europe

Ideas on Europe is a blog hosting service that provides an independent forum for informed analysis, comment, and debate. Created and managed by UACES (the Academic Association for Contemporary European Studies), and hosted by IACES it hosts blogs by organisations, think tanks, research networks and individuals actively engaged in European issues.

Ideas on Europe offers you a space to publish about your area of expertise and interest.

With a diverse community of bloggers and a wide-ranging readership from all corners of the globe, Ideas on Europe has over 3500 readers a month.

Opening a blog is open to all UACES and IACES Members. Not a member yet? Have a look at the UACES membership page to see all benefits of being a UACES Member, or join IACES here.


Why blog on Ideas on Europe?

Ideas on Europe grew over the last 10 years to a platform with 3500 readers every month and each post is being posted on its Twitter channel which has over 12.5k followers (follow @ideasoneurope) and a Facebook page. A Ideas on Europe Newsletter with over 1400 subscribers is also part of this forum and is open to everyone who would like to receive recent blog posts directly into their inbox (usually monthly). Ideas on Europe is also directly linked to UACES and IACES which means the forum is linked to a European Studies community of over 1400 members worldwide.

On an individual level, blogs hosted on Ideas on Europe include the ability to monitor traffic to your individual blog using Google Analytics. You can also customise your blog by sharing your information and background, adding a logo or image of the blog and yourself and adding guest authors including their profile information. Through the benefits of sharing content online, Ideas on Europe can be a great opportunity to expose your expertise and research.

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