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Ideas on Europe is a blog hosting service which provides an independent forum for informed analysis, comment and debate. Created by UACES (the academic association for contemporary European Studies) it hosts blogs by organisations and individuals actively engaged in European issues.

Blogging on Ideas on Europe can help you to make an impact beyond your organisation and area of expertise. With a diverse community of bloggers and a wide-ranging readership from all corners of the globe, you can quickly disseminate and receive feedback on new research or ideas.

Benefits of  blogs hosted on Ideas on Europe include the ability to:

  • Monitor traffic to your blog using Google Analytics.
  • Customise the look and feel of your blog by adding a personalised header image or by changing the sidebar.
  • Add pages to your blog.
  • Integrate your blog with social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.
  • Add guest authors, including the option of adding profile information for each author.

In addition posts by blog authors are:


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