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Guest Authors

If you run a blog with multiple contributors you may want to assign a post to one or more different authors. The Guest Authors feature on Ideas on Europe enables you to do just that.

Guest authors’ names are displayed as bylines at the beginning of a post and at the end of a post is a box (see below for an example) containing further information about the author/s. This can include biographical info, a picture and links to social media sites that the author belongs to.

Once you have entered details of a guest author, you can assign them to as many posts as you want.


Example of an author bio box which is displayed at the end of a post

Add a guest author to your blog

  1. From your blog’s admin area go to Users>Guest Authors.
  2. Click the ‘Add New‘ button situated at the top of the Guest Authors page.
  3. A new screen is displayed  from where you can add details of a guest author.  At a minimum you will need to enter a Display Name and some Biographical Information about a guest author. The ‘Contact Info’ box gives you the option of  adding details of any social networks an author belongs to. The only publicly displayed entities here are the Twitter, Facebook and details, the other fields are for reference purposes only. To save a new guest author to your blog click the ‘Add New Guest Author‘ button in the top-right hand corner of the screen.
  4. There is also the option to add  a profile image for a guest author. To add this do the following:
    1. From within the details area of a guest author click on the ‘Set Featured Image‘ link.
    2. If you already have an image that you want to use select it by clicking on it (a blue border will appear around the selected image). Otherwise you will  need to upload the image first before you can select it .
    3. If the image you are using isn’t square-shaped (all profile images appear on a post in this format) then you will need to adjust the image using WordPress’ built in image editor (see step 4 for details of how to do this). If your image is already square-shaped click ‘Set featured image‘ to apply the profile image to a guest author.  
    4. To access the editor for an image click the ‘Edit image‘ link which appears in the top-right hand corner of the page. This will launch the media editor where you will be able to crop the image to the desired format. First to make any selection an exact square enter the aspect ratio of 1:1 in the ‘Aspect ratio’ box.  Next, hold down the Shift key and click and drag over the portion of the image you would like to crop to. To apply the crop to the image click the crop icon crop icon(the first icon in the list of editing tools above the image). Lastly, click  the ‘Save‘ button underneath the image and confirm the changes by clicking the ‘Update‘ button on the right of the page. Making the changes to the image takes you out of the admin area for a guest author and you will need to return to this in order to apply the edited image to the author.

Attribute an article to a guest author


Having added a new guest author the next step is to associate this author with any posts they have written on your blog. Locate the post that you want to attribute the author to and go into the edit area of that particular post. At the bottom of the post-area (the part of the page where you enter the text of a post) there will be a box named ‘Authors’. In the ‘Search for an author’ field start typing the name of a co-author you wish to attribute the post to  – as you type the author’s name should automatically appear in the field, clicking on the name will then add the author’s name. Remember to click ‘Update‘ before you leave the page to ensure any changes are saved.

A shortcut for adding author to posts

If you are updating multiple posts with guest authors then there is a quick way to do this:

  1. From the admin area click on ‘posts‘.
  2. You’ll then see a list of all posts made on your blog. If you hover over the title of a post a menu will appear beneath the post title.  Clicking on the ‘Quick Edit‘ link will display a number of options for the particular post and amogst these is a copy of  ‘Authors’ box as shown above.



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