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profile area, Ideas on Europe blog homepageOne of the first things you’ll probably want to do, before you publish an article, is to add some information letting visitors know who you are and what your blog is about. If you go to your blog’s homepage in a browser you’ll notice in the top right-hand corner, underneath your blog’s header, a space reserved exactly for this purpose.

1) Adding some text about your blog

Log in to the site. From the dashboard,  click on the ‘Users’ then ‘Your Profile’ link  in the left-hand sidebar. A new page named ‘Profile’ will appear.  Add any information you want to display publicly on your blog to the ‘Biographical Info’ field.

HTML is accepted in this field, so if you would like to add a link to another website you can do so. The necessary code to add a HTML link can be found here. 

It’s best to keep this brief –  if you wish to write more, we suggest you create a separate page on your blog.

2) Adding a profile image


An avatar is a small, square image common on the internet as an instant visual indication of who a website user is.

To upload one, first select an image you like/find appropriate and crop it into a square shape (ideally around 200×200 pixels) – using the online editor Sumo Paint if you don’t have any image editing software of your own. Save it to your computer, somewhere you can easily find it.

Click ‘Manage’ under ‘Avatar’ to upload your new image.

Only three sections of your profile are displayed publicly on the site – your nickname (by default your blog’s username), a biography and an avatar. The other information remains private unless you choose to display it elsewhere on your blog.





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