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The Ideas on Europe post-area offers lots of options to cutomise your posts. We’ve assmebled some tips that will help you make the most of these options.

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1. Line breaks

To make your article easier to read on screen, press enter twice at the end of each paragraph to leave a nice line break – otherwise it will just end up looking like a big block of text.

2. Tags and Categories

Tags can be anything you like that is related to your article’s content – they are a handy way of finding other articles on the same subject. Think of them as the entries in an index, or as article keywords. Each tag should be separated by a comma – and leave out the quotation marks. Once you’ve entered all the tags you want, click “Add“.

Categories help to place your article into the correct part of the site, and are again a powerful way of helping people to find what you have written (as well as of keeping the site nice and tidy). A selection of categories appear above the “Tags” box – just tick the ones that best apply to your article (ideally not more than three), and it will automatically appear in those parts of the site.

 3. Excerpts

It can also be worth adding an excerpt – in the little box underneath the main text entry box. This is the space for a short introduction to your article – about a sentence or so – to explain what it is about. This short piece of text will appear on the front page of the site when your post appears there. Think of it as a way of quickly selling your article to potential readers – it’s not essential, but can be a good way of ensuring that you get read.

 4. Guest Authors

If you run a blog with multiple contributors you may want to assign a post to one or more different authors. The Guest Authors feature on Ideas on Europe enables you to do just that.  As well as assigning authors to a post/s you can also display a box at the bottom of each post with further info on a guest author. Guest authors’ names are also displayed on the Ideas on Europe homepage.


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