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Normative Power and Vested Interests – The Case of EU and China’s Arms Trade Policy

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Normative Power and the EU  The human rights agenda features heavily on the rhetoric and policies of the EU, and thus enables the EU to capitalize on a new identity, formed by shared idealistic values held by member states. European Union is unable to exert its identity as a strong and legitimate normative power because security […]

Biofuels in the EU: Illegitimacy of Normative Power Europe

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Climate change, environmental protection and sustainable development are areas in which the EU has emerged in recent years as a global leader. They have become integral parts of the EU’s normative dimension, one that the EU themselves have constantly tried to promote. Biofuels, a renewable energy source, has been part of the EU’s efforts in […]

EU’s Ailing Economic Diplomacy

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Economic diplomacy is a form of statecraft that uses a range of economic tools to achieve foreign policy ends. According to most scholars such as Woolcock, EU’s considerable success has been attributed to two economic instruments: (1) progressive economic integration and removing barriers to competition; (2) common economic policies that aims to embed and regulate member-states […]

The EU’s Impotence on all Things Except Economic Diplomacy

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The recent case on the annexation of Crimea and the EU’s flaccid non-response, at least militarily, highlights the relative impotence of the EU in matters of “high politics”. Should onlookers be surprised by such an emasculation on the part of the EU? It is worth considering that the EU first started out as the European […]

The Europeanisation of Europe’s Foreign Policy: Organisational Socialisation in the European External Action Service

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Building on Nivet’s (2011) article, I similarly argue that the European External Action Service (EEAS) plays a key role in the socialisation of its diplomats which leads to the Europeanisation of European Union (EU) member states’ national foreign policy. Evidence of this can be found in Cross’ (2011) study, where socialisation played a key role […]

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European Union Normative Diplomacy: A Replicable Model in Asia?

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Contrary to many other major political actors in the world, the European Union (the EU) has long championed normative diplomacy. In the articulation of its Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), the EU Normative Diplomacy (EUND) plays an important role. The EUND is particularly manifested in the forms of collective trade and economic cooperation, and […]

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