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Does Ideas on Europe support multiple authors?

Yes, Ideas on Europe now supports guest authors. This enables you attribute posts to different authors and to add author profiles to your blog. On each post authors’ names are displayed as bylines next to the post title and a box containing profile info – which can include a short bio, a photo and links to social networks – is displayed at the end of a post.

How frequently should I post onto my blog?

We would recommend that you post at least once every two months. If you want to build up an audience for your blog it’s a good idea to post regularly. If you feel that it will be difficult to post this frequently, it might be worth considering approaching other individuals to contribute to your blog. Focusing your blog around a certain topic or area of interest can make it easier to attract other individuals to contribute.

I already run a blog on another hosting platform, can I import my existing blog to Ideas on Europe?

Yes, if you run a blog hosted on either Blogger or WordPress it is very easy to import your existing blog’s content into Ideas on Europe. If you’re not sure how to do this we can provide help to transfer in your site. Importing content from blogging platforms other than Blogger and WordPress is more tricky, but we will certainly investigate this if you let us know which platform you’d like to transfer content from.


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