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Why crises don’t make the EU stronger

eu!radio |

For our weekly “Ideas on Europe” editorial by UACES, the University Association for European Studies, we welcome Dr Simona Guerra, from the University of Surrey in England.     euradio · Ideas On Europe – Simona Geurra     Simona, you want to take a second look at a famous quote by Jean Monnet. That’s […]

The party's over

Jon Danzig |

Only the Tories can now save Britain from the Tories. That may seem a strange thing to say, but even Tories know when things have gone too far. The Conservatives have dominated the 19th, 20th and, so far, the 21st centuries. Since the 1830s, the Conservatives have been in the business of winning. They are […]

What the Jersey fish tale tells us about the TCA

Simon Usherwood |

Today sees a meeting between British and French ministers to discuss the vexed question of fishing licences for Jersey waters. This event is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s the pathway that got opened up earlier in the week by the French decision not to move to unilateral sanctions over the issue, so […]

The European Parliament: a history of self-empowerment

eu!radio |

For our weekly “Ideas on Europe” editorial by UACES, we welcome Dr Mechthild Roos, from the University of Augsburg in Germany.         euradio · The European Parliament: a history of self-empowerment – Ideas on Europe     This week, you’re taking us back to the democratic roots of the European integration project. Tell us […]

Telegraph spreads nonsense about the EU

Jon Danzig |

Former Conservative MEP, Daniel Hannan, has penned an article for The Telegraph with the headline: ‘Poland is learning, as Britain did, that the  EU will never let its members be sovereign’ What nonsense. The EU is not a foreign power lording over the members. The EU IS the members. All EU laws and treaties are […]

Dr Borja Garcia “Ideas on Europe”

eu!radio |

For our weekly “Ideas on Europe” editorial by UACES, the University Association for Contemporary European Studies, we welcome Dr Borja Garcia from Loughborough University, in the United Kingdom.       euradio · Borja Garcia “Ideas on Europe” – 22/10/2021   Borja, your research refers often to what is called the “European Model of Sport”. […]

Making sense of the UK's approach to the Protocol

Simon Usherwood |

Just a short post this week, since I already wrote about this in a Twitter thread earlier in the week: The thread was an attempt to make sense of what the UK is doing and whether it might work. As you’ll see, I’m not that confident that it will. Conversations with people on both sides […]

Prof Helen Drake “Ideas on Europe”

eu!radio |

For our second “Ideas on Europe” editorial, we have the pleasure to welcome today Prof Helen Drake, Director of the Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance at Loughborough University London.   euradio · Ideas On Europe – Helen Drake – 15/10/2021   Helen, you wanted to speak about Franco-British diplomacy and what it tells us […]

BBC Question Time fails to answer my questions

Jon Danzig |

On last week’s BBC Question Time (7 October) host Fiona Bruce announced: “The majority of you voted FOR Brexit in this audience.” She explained: “We select this audience very carefully to be representative”. Her response came after a comment from a member of the audience who said: “We’ve got a lack of foreign workers which […]

Summary: In Conversation with Professor Meri Koivusalo - Trade and Health: When Actions do not match Aspirations

EUhealthgov |

On 7 October 2021, EUHealthGov held its second quarterly seminar. We were delighted to be joined by Professor Meri Koivusalo from Tampere University (Finland) for a discussion on how EU trade negotiations can impact health services. She highlighted a persistent discrepancy between the EU’s aspirations and the reality of health services safeguarding when so-called ‘new […]

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