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Could we be facing another Eurozone crisis?

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The gap between Italian and German yields widened to more than 2.2 percentage points, reversing more than half of the narrowing seen since the European Central Bank’s (ECB) announced its €750bn monetary stimulus. Italy’s borrowing costs remain above their levels at the beginning of the year. Investors worry about mounting debt to fund the country’s response […]

The EU’s flawed response to the migrant crisis: Disorientated into the maelstrom

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This summer Europe witnessed unprecedented events as thousands of migrants embarked on dangerous journeys from the Middle East and further afield to reach the shores of Europe. The growing instability in the Middle East, most of all in Syria which has descended into a state of permanent internal civil war, has resulted in an unprecedented […]

Self-Immolations in Bulgaria – an Intertwined Personal and Social Trauma

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Tina Schivatcheva On the 1st of May another Bulgarian victim of self-immolation passed away. Since the beginning of 2013 six people self-immolated inBulgaria, and their desperate acts further ’enflamed our sleeping society’ [1].  Traumatic events demand a response that recognizes their impact rather than one that moves rapidly to forgetting the trauma or incorporating it […]