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Ukraine’s other battle: the one against corruption

eu!radio |

We recently welcomed Michael Richter to eu!radio! He is a postdoctoral research fellow and lecturer at the University of Surrey, in Britain. He spoke about how Ukraine is not only defending itself against the Russian aggression, but also fighting a second battle, against corruption.

European elections: voting matters!

eu!radio |

We recently welcomed Simon Usherwood to eu!radio! He is a professor at the Open University in Britain, and Chair of UACES. He shared his thoughts on the forthcoming European Parliament elections.

Clashes of sovereignty

eu!radio |

We recently welcomed Emilija Tudzarovska to eu!radio! She is a Lecturer in Contemporary European Politics at Charles University, in Prague and her research focuses on the democratic legitimacy of the European Union. She spoke about her scientific approach to the crisis of representative democracy that we all perceive.

Labour's EU policy: Early markers

Simon Usherwood |

A bit of tricky one, this. It partly explains the hiatus in posting of late, although that might also be down to the rubbish weather. As we move towards a General Election, interest has naturally turned towards what a Labour government might look like and do. And EU policy is a recurring question.

Responsible Research and Innovation training

Europe of Knowledge |

How to align research and innovation with values, needs and expectations of society? During the past ten years, researchers, policy-makers and funders in Europe have developed and supported the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) approach to address societal aspects of research and innovation early on.

EU’s Conundrum of Strategies: Is There an Orderly Jigsaw on the Horizon?

Zane Šime |

Original date of publication on the UACES Ideas on Europe platform: 27 January 2016 The grandness of the EU Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy lies in its potential to render the existing conundrum of various EU strategies into a more orderly set of strands with a clear vision regarding their mutually complementary role. […]

Motivational Quotes For Work

Zane Šime |

Original date of publication on the UACES Ideas on Europe platform: 11 April 2016 Do you have at work one of these lovely collaborative brainstorming boards? I do. Here is my inspirational (inspirational / management) quote. In short, I have taken the liberty to add a new twist to the widely used Altshuler’s quote. The […]

The EU’s Diplomacy for Science in the Southern Neighbourhood: Setting a Research Agenda

Zane Šime |

Original date of publication on the UACES Ideas on Europe platform: 15 October 2019 Foreword The outlined science diplomacy research project is presented with a full appreciation of Adler-Nissen’s concise observation that ‘over the last 50 years, European states have come to view their nations as anchored so deeply within the institutions of the EU that their […]

EUSBSR Should Be Profoundly Transformative

Zane Šime |

Original date of publication on the UACES Ideas on Europe platform: 21 October 2019 “In each one of us, in differing degrees, is contained the person we were yesterday, and indeed, in the nature of things it is even true that our past personae predominate in us, since the present is necessarily insignificant when compared […]

EU Science Diplomacy in the Southern Neighbourhood with a Bourdieusian Twist

Zane Šime |

Original date of publication on the UACES Ideas on Europe platform: 8 November 2019 This blog entry is a follow-up to the research agenda published last month. It presents further details of the research project. It captures the evolving complexity of the research project since the most recent reflections on Bourdieusian influences in the EU studies have encouraged […]

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