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Explainer--Everything you need to know about Hungarian Parliamentary Elections (I)

Gulay Icoz |

On the 3rd of April 2022, Hungarians will walk to the Polling Stations to vote on whether to keep the autocrat or opt for the socially conservative liberal democrat. This is one of the most critical elections in Europe this year since its outcome will determine if Hungary will drift further to autocracy or opt […]

Is there a relationship between Facebook, fake news and support for the EU? It's complicated

Martin Moland, Asimina Michailidou |

It is often believed that spending more time on social media makes citizens more skeptical of the EU. EU3D researchers Martin Moland and Asimina Michailidou argue that this assumption is too simplistic. A fresh look at a common assumption One of the most hotly debated issues of the last years has been how social media has changed politics […]

Willie Paterson at 80

UACES blog |

By Prof Charlie Jeffery, University of York Willie Paterson, a legendary figure in political science and European studies in the UK, turned 80 a little while back. I’ve known Willie for the last 34 of those 80 years and worked with him very closely for ten of them. I have to say no-one else has […]

The European Parliament: a history of self-empowerment

eu!radio |

For our weekly “Ideas on Europe” editorial by UACES, we welcome Dr Mechthild Roos, from the University of Augsburg in Germany.         euradio · The European Parliament: a history of self-empowerment – Ideas on Europe     This week, you’re taking us back to the democratic roots of the European integration project. Tell us […]

Dr Borja Garcia “Ideas on Europe”

eu!radio |

For our weekly “Ideas on Europe” editorial by UACES, the University Association for Contemporary European Studies, we welcome Dr Borja Garcia from Loughborough University, in the United Kingdom.       euradio · Borja Garcia “Ideas on Europe” – 22/10/2021   Borja, your research refers often to what is called the “European Model of Sport”. […]

Prof Helen Drake “Ideas on Europe”

eu!radio |

For our second “Ideas on Europe” editorial, we have the pleasure to welcome today Prof Helen Drake, Director of the Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance at Loughborough University London.   euradio · Ideas On Europe – Helen Drake – 15/10/2021   Helen, you wanted to speak about Franco-British diplomacy and what it tells us […]

Prof Simon Usherwood “Ideas on Europe”

eu!radio |

Today’s the kick-off for our new weekly editorial in English simply called Ideas on Europe. Every Friday, a member of the International Academic Association – UACES – will address a current topic, and we’ll respect the hierarchy, beginning with the newly elected chair, our President of the Association, Simon Usherwood, Professor at the Open University. […]

The Nice Treaty: qualified majority rule is postponed

Nadia Petroni |

The main objective of the Treaty of Nice, which entered into force in 2003, was to reform the institutional structure of the EU in order to facilitate the accession of ten new member states, an undertaking which was previously planned to have been accomplished by the Amsterdam Treaty. Nice, however, failed to make significant progress […]

75 years ago, a road map of hope for Germany

Albrecht Sonntag |

‘I want no misunderstanding. We will not shirk our duty. We are not withdrawing. We are staying here.’ Unfortunately for many Afghans, this quote by an American secretary of state is 75 years old. It stems from a speech given in Stuttgart, on 6 September 1946, which is hardly remembered, but definitely worth remembering as […]

The Treaty of Amsterdam: first steps towards a Common European Asylum System

Nadia Petroni |

The entry into force of the Amsterdam Treaty in 1999 reshaped cooperation in justice and home affairs (JHA) thus marking a new phase in EU asylum and migration policymaking. A primary goal of the Treaty was to progressively establish an area of freedom, security and justice (AFSJ). Consequently, issues related to asylum, migration and external […]

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