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Artificial Intelligence and Intersectionality

Europe of Knowledge |

Behind the Artificial Intelligence (AI) hype about its numerous benefits, uncomfortable questions concerning the problematic social impacts of AI on issues such as justice, fairness and equality are intensifying. While it has been argued that AI has a potential to eliminate human bias, growing evidence suggests quite the opposite – that AI is amplifying and exacerbating gender, racial, ethnic and other stereotypes.

Why does the EU not learn how to improve its democracy support practices?


The EU has aimed to support democratization in Arab countries for decades, yet the region is still one of the most authoritarian in the world. What is most striking is that the EU has apparently not learnt from its past ineffective democracy support (DS) attempts but continuously reproduces DS malpractices.

The Radical Right and the European Elections

eu!radio |

With the European elections just around the corner, we welcomed Nick Startin, Associate Professor of International Relations at John Cabot University, to eu!radio to discuss the rising support for Radical Right parties across the EU.

20 years of Cyprus in the EU - Phoebus Athanassiou

eu!radio |

We recently welcomed Phoebus Athanassiou to eu!radio! He is an Associate Professor at the Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt, and is originally from Cyprus. He reflected on his country's accession to the EU 20 years ago in a personal testimony.

Summary: 'The Political Determinants of Health and the European Union’, a Special Issue in the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law

EUhealthgov |

The term ‘political determinants of health’ (PDoH) appears with increasing frequency in public health and health governance research, yet it remains poorly defined. For some, it is part of broader models of the social, commercial, or structural determinants of health; for others, it connotes an investigation of power dynamics that differs from epidemiological frameworks.

Youth Mobility: It is a goer?

Simon Usherwood |

Last week saw the Commission launch a proposal on youth mobility with the UK. Covering almost all activities (including doing nothing) for 18-30 year olds, the presentation was one of not penalising the kids for the unfortunate break-up of the relationship.

Politics and Policies of Skills Shortage

Europe of Knowledge |

Last month, the first endorsed workshop by the ECPR Standing Group Knowledge Politics and Policies unfolded at the ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops in Lüneburg (Germany). The workshop with the theme “The Politics and Policies of Skills Shortage” brought together thirteen scholars from across Europe who are working on the issue of skills shortage from different disciplinary angles.

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