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Why should we speak abut Europe on the Northern Caucasus?

Ideas on Europe |

The issue of the perception of the European Union (EU) in the North Caucasus deserves special attention. This region, which includes the republics of Dagestan, Chechnya, and Ingushetia, has unique ethnic, cultural, and political characteristics. Unlike other regions of Russia, where ethnic Russians dominate, the North Caucasus is a microcosm where official and unofficial discourses […]

A tree in Normandy

eu!radio |

Discover the moving story of La Cambe's Peace Garden in Normandy, where a simple maple tree stands as a testament to reconciliation and peace, as told by Albrecht to eu!radio.

Spinning Brexit as a success story: Three temporal regimes of Brexit legitimation by Boris Johnson’s government


My article, recently published in JCMS, looks into how ongoing policy processes are discursively legitimated. It argues that that in order to satisfy complex demands on their legitimacy, policy makers tend to legitimate them not only by referring to the status quo (the current – new – state of affairs), but also by legitimating the status ad que (the future state) and delegitimating the status quo ante (the previous state).

A UACES-supported research trip delving into Slovenia's history

Zala Pochat Križaj |

I am thrilled to have been awarded the UACES scholarship to support my research trip to Slovenia. As a PhD candidate in war studies, I focus on reconciliation in Slovenia following post-Second World War mass killings.

The Radical Right and the European Elections

eu!radio |

With the European elections just around the corner, we welcomed Nick Startin, Associate Professor of International Relations at John Cabot University, to eu!radio to discuss the rising support for Radical Right parties across the EU.

The Future of EU-AU Relations amidst the rise of Russia and China in Africa

Gallous Atabongwoung, PhD |

The European Union (EU) and African Union (AU) continue to have robust conversations on the future relationship between the two continents. The conversation seeks to address some complex socio-economic and political issues such as, among others, migration (due to the geographical proximity of the two regions); economic partnerships; and security cooperation (Miyandazi et al. 2020).

20 years of Cyprus in the EU - Phoebus Athanassiou

eu!radio |

We recently welcomed Phoebus Athanassiou to eu!radio! He is an Associate Professor at the Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt, and is originally from Cyprus. He reflected on his country's accession to the EU 20 years ago in a personal testimony.

Women’s Leadership and Empowerment in the Transnistrian Conflict Resolution in Moldova

Julia Vassileva |

Russia’s full-scale invasion and war of aggression against Ukraine has impacted security perception in the European Eastern Neighbourhood and it has highlighted the need for the international community to pay increased attention to so-called ‘frozen’ conflicts. When such conflicts remain ignored and unresolved for too long, there is continuous danger of eruption and escalation.

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