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The sleeping dog of ‘Europe': UK relations with the EU as a non-issue

Simon Usherwood |

Given that the past decade of British politics has arguably been shaped by the question of Europe more than any other single issue, one might have expected to find the matter to be front and centre in the election campaign. The economic and social consequences of Brexit still reverberate, with profound dissatisfaction among the general public about how it has been handled and with previously strong advocates on both sides of the Leave-Remain divide still very present in the political debate.

Europe in the 2024 manifestos

Simon Usherwood |

It’s a week until the General Election, so a good point to consider the European issue in the campaign so far. This will be a short post, mostly because very few parties want to talk about the EU, and those that do are using it for a very specific purpose. Quite the contrast to 2019. […]

Knowledge, information and trust after the COVID pandemic

eu!radio |

Discover how mini-publics, an innovative research method, enhance transparency and trust in governance post-COVID. Join Rita Hornok from Jagiellonian University as she shares insights from the REGROUP project on citizen engagement and fighting disinformation.

Why should we speak abut Europe on the Northern Caucasus?

Ideas on Europe |

The issue of the perception of the European Union (EU) in the North Caucasus deserves special attention. This region, which includes the republics of Dagestan, Chechnya, and Ingushetia, has unique ethnic, cultural, and political characteristics. Unlike other regions of Russia, where ethnic Russians dominate, the North Caucasus is a microcosm where official and unofficial discourses about Europe take various forms.

A tree in Normandy

eu!radio |

Discover the moving story of La Cambe's Peace Garden in Normandy, where a simple maple tree stands as a testament to reconciliation and peace, as told by Albrecht to eu!radio.

The Post-Pandemic Parliament

eu!radio |

Join eu!radio as we explore the insights of Mechthild Roos, Lecturer in Comparative Politics at the University of Augsburg, on the upcoming European Parliament elections.

Is there an anti-green backlash?

eu!radio |

Jannik Jansen, Policy Fellow at the Jacques Delors Centre in Berlin, shares insights with eu!radio from a recent survey, revealing that citizens across Germany, France, and Poland still strongly support ambitious climate action.

The Radical Right and the European Elections

eu!radio |

With the European elections just around the corner, we welcomed Nick Startin, Associate Professor of International Relations at John Cabot University, to eu!radio to discuss the rising support for Radical Right parties across the EU.

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