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Social Values In The European Union: Are They Becoming More Important After The Lisbon Treaty?

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By Egle Dagilyte Some Comments on C-515/08 Santos Palhota and Others On 7 October 2010 the ECJ delivered a judgment that was built around the issues discussed in the very well-known posting of workers cases of Laval and Rüffert and Commission v Luxembourg. The facts of the case tell the story of a Portuguese company Termiso […]

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The not-so-certain death of Europe

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By Pablo Calderon Martinez The French public’s uproar and subsequent social mobilization that followed Sarkozy’s proposal to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62 and last September’s general strike in Spain are evidence of far more than the deep-rooted French tradition of influencing governments by taking to the streets, or the Spanish dissatisfaction with […]

The Eurozone Crisis and the Delicate Plant Syndrome in European Studies

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I cannot help feeling that it is not only Angela Merkel, the Greek state, and Eurostat who have plenty of egg on their faces after the events of the last year. But also European Studies as a discipline with public responsibility has some hard questions to answer about why it has on the whole failed […]

Presidency Paradox: The Problem with the new European Council President

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By Scott James Now that the sense of anti-climax surrounding the appointment of Herman van Rompuy as the new President of the European Council has subsided, it is worthwhile casting a critical eye over the likely role and powers of the new permanent president. Putting contingent factors (such as personality and leadership style) to one […]

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