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Theresa May, the Paradoxical Prime Minister

communicatingeurope |

Theresa May has resigned.  Expecting terrible results for the Conservative Party in the European Parliament elections (expectations that have not only been met, but surpassed), having greatly upset her backbenchers by negotiating (unsuccessfully) with Labour to get the Withdrawal Agreement approved by Parliament, and then when that failed attempting to bring it forward as the […]

A low turnout today will favour Farage

Jon Danzig |

This article is dedicated to Dave. He’s a good guy, but he told me this week that he doesn’t vote, he can’t see the point, he doesn’t think it makes any difference. Dave – and all others who have the same view (and sadly, there are many of them) – need to be reminded of […]

A business view of Brexit

PoliticsatSurrey |

I spent most of the day yesterday hanging around* a big bunch of procurement managers: I was very well-behaved and even at the point of speaking to a trio of Chief Procurement Officers I didn’t make a Star Wars droid joke. This was an annual world congress for such individuals and it was very instructive […]

The Lack of Transparency Surrounding EUROPOL and the Hotspots

caughtredhanded |

The 2015 European Agenda on Migration envisaged a significant role for FRONTEX, EASO, and EUROPOL, the function to operationally implement the Agenda and closely cooperate in the management of the hotspots established in Italy and Greece. Due to the extraordinary migratory pressure at the external borders of these frontline Member States, FRONTEX, EASO, and EUROPOL were called to […]

Spanish election result provides much needed boost for Socialists across EU

EU Priorities |

A good result for the Sanchez’s Socialists The Spanish election result provides a much needed fillip to Socialist/Social Democrat parties n the EU which have suffered severe setbacks in the last two years – for different reasons – in France, Italy, Germany and other countries.  The Socialists (PSOE) who had formed a minority government under […]

Mi Propuesta: "Un mecanismo de quejas efectivo para Frontex y Easo"

caughtredhanded |

La creación de una Guardia Europea de Fronteras y Costas (GEFC) y la propuesta de transformar la Oficina Europea de Apoyo al Asilo (Easo) en una Agencia Europea de Asilo (AEA) en 2016 responde a la necesidad de garantizar la implementación de las medidas adoptadas por la Unión Europea (UE) en el Espacio de Libertad […]

Flying less and the problems with cross-border trains

Helene Dyrhauge |

Climate politics are increasingly looking at decarbonizing the transport sector. Part of the debate focuses on increased pollution from civil aviation, where Ryanair is in the top 10 of EU emitters. Part of the debate focuses on flying less, i.e. twitter #flyingless, and staying on the ground, i.e. rail travel. More recently, the Danish Socialist […]

#EP2019—Brexit Delay and the Suspension of Fidesz (II)

Gulay Icoz |

Nine weeks away from the European Parliament elections, Brexit and the suspension of Fidesz from the European People’ Party has been worthwhile developments to pay attention to in the context of the EP elections campaigns. The evening of the 20th of March and the following day have been critical moments for both the British and […]

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