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The budget of the United Nations (UN) system: latest figures and research

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— For my ongoing coverage of the budget procedures in the UN system for  2018-19 (or 2018-21), please follow the link. — Finding reliable figures on the budgets and finances of the United Nations (UN) system is not easy, unless you know where to look for them. I’ll try to present some of this below and […]

the challenges to ban fossil fuel cars from 2030

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The Swedish minister for climate Isabella Lövin wants to ban fossil fuel cars from 2030. According to several newspapers, the ban should be EU wide and the idea is supported by Norway and the Netherlands. Indeed the Danish newspaper Information[i] reports that the German Bundestag recently adopted a resolution to stop sales of fossil fuel […]

¿Shimon Peres, terrorista ou liberador?: leccións para Galeusca

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A finais do pasado mes de setembro finou Shimon Peres (Premio Nobel da Paz, Ex Presidente de Israel e Ex Primeiro Ministro por tres ocasións). Dito motivo provocou, entre outros feitos, un gran número de artigos xornalísticos falando da súa relevancia histórica[1]. Mais analizando ditos artigos ponse o acento especialmente nalgúns elementos da súa vida, […]

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BREXIT EXCLUSIVE: The Presidential Order by Jean-Claude Junker for no Brexit negotiation before TEU Art. 50 Notification

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Full text of the Presidential order of the President of the European Commission to the Commission (College, DGs, etc): no negotiations with Great Britain are to take place inregarding its exit from the EU before an official notification of TEU article 50 is received

Hello world!

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Welcome to Ideas on Europe. This blog is a window to express my thoughts or comments, give news, always related to European integration. I appreciate your comments and feedback. All the best. Joaquín Sarrión. About me: Twitter: @joaqsarrion SSRN Author PageínSarriónEsteve  

‘The European Union has lost its creativity: We need a new vision of Europe’ by Igor Merheim-Eyre

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In 2002 Romano Prodi, then-president of the European Commission, anticipated the EU to become a ‘real global player’, capturing an era when the European Union (EU) was determined to achieve ‘sustainable stability and security’ within the EU, and, ‘from Morocco to Russia and the Black Sea’. So what happened to these aspirations? Today, the EU […]

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Be careful what you wish for: a tale of two prime ministers

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David Cameron started his career as party leader with a simple wish: to get the Conservative Party to ‘stop banging on about Europe’. However, he did not have a strategy for making his dream come true. Instead, he took a series of tactical decisions in hopes that each would silence Tory Eurosceptics committed to ‘banging […]

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EU leaks are back on the agenda – also in the Council

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Yesterday, I was working on a new academic paper on how to do research on EU leaks. And then first the Greens presented their EUleaks platform and later EurActiv published this article about the new Commission anti-leak strategy. So below I publish an internal  Council document with its measures to prevent leaks. My interest on EU leaks […]

ΑΠΟΚΛΕΙΣΤΙΚΟ: Η Επιστολή της Ευρωπαϊκής Επιτροπής προς τον Έλληνα ΥΠΟΙΚ για την Υπόθεση ΕΛΣΤΑΤ

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Παρατίθεται παρακάτω η επιστολή (μεταφρασμένη στα Ελληνικά από τον Αλέξανδρο Κυριακίδη – μπορείτε να βρείτε εδώ την αρχική Αγγλική έκδοση στην οποία συντάχθηκε η επιστολή)


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Contributions, in either Greek or English, to a maximum of 1.000 words, are invited on any issue relevant to the EU and democratic principles or processes, from any discipline within the social sciences or law.

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