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#EP2019—Insights from Hungary and Poland (I)

Gulay Icoz |

When I was an active party member and an elected Local Councillor until 2014, the European Parliament election campaign period was something I looked forward to, since it had given me the opportunity to knock on many people’ doors and see how they would be casting their votes at the elections.  Now with all the uncertainties […]

Communicating Europe: Who Speaks, and Why?

communicatingeurope |

What is Communicating Europe? Communicating Europe really started as an idea, or rather a reflection, after watching the BBC Great Debate in June 2016 between representatives of different UK-based political parties regarding whether to leave the EU, or to stay inside and make it stronger.  The reflection I had at the time was that, for […]

Voluntary, Alleged and Forced Exoduses--Brexit, Polexit and CEU-exit

Gulay Icoz |

Since I last blogged about how the EU’s Rule of Law Framework works and why Article 7 have been triggered against Poland and Hungary, a long list political developments took place both in Hungary and in Poland, as well as in the UK; some are positive and some are negative, but then this is relative […]

EU should not set itself up as scapegoat by fining Italy

EU Priorities |

The EU is trying to deal with two headline issues at present: whether the Brexit deal agreed between the Commission negotiators can be agreed on the one hand by the British parliament and on the other by all 27 member states, the other is whether the Italian government’s budget which has been deemed to breach […]

Possible outcomes of UK departure from EU and its implications for British standards and regulations

brexit-standards |

Before discussing any implications of Brexit for UK standards and regulations, let us remind ourselves what are standards and why are they important.  Standards are a range of powerful marketing and business tools for businesses and institutions of all shapes and sizes. They can be used to adjust performance and manage risks, while operating more sustainably and efficiently. They allow businesses […]

The Link between the EU's Budget and its Values

EU Priorities |

Debate on 2021-27 budget is underway The EU Commission wants to have agreement on the guidelines for the budgetary framework period 2021-27 by the planned summit in Romania on May 9th2019, based on proposals it made in May this year. Although agreement that early is unlikely, the debate on this issue of fundamental importance is […]

Orban and Fidesz in the past two months

Gulay Icoz |

It has been just over two months since Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary and the leader of Fidesz (Hungarian Civic Alliance), is back in power in Hungary. In these past two months Orban and his newly elected government’s policy proposals, such as the so-called ‘Stop-Soros’ bill has been under close scrutiny by the international […]

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