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Student research projects: learning to work together in groups

Helene Dyrhauge |

Group work can be very fruitful and engaging but there can be conflicts, disagreements and disengagement. Roskilde University students have to write six group projects during their BA degree, and will most likely experience group conflicts. It is, therefore, important to give the students the tools to manage group work. It can be difficult for […]

Exploring EU regional investment in the UK since 1989

Christopher Huggins |

The EU’s cohesion policy is 30 years old and now accounts for around a third of the EU’s budget. To celebrate, the European Commission has published a new dataset. This details annual payments to the EU’s regions since 1989. The dataset covers most funds under the European Structural and Investment Funds umbrella. For the UK […]

Post-elections in Hungary— Fidesz, failed opposition and European Union!

Gulay Icoz |

Just like I predicted it, Fidesz’s Viktor Orban recorded a landslide victory in last week’s elections, crushing the opposition political parties’ short-lived confidence. Winning 134 of the 199 seats, Orban guaranteed a super majority in the Hungarian parliament, which would allow him to make any constitutional change he sees necessary. Upon losing the elections, leaders […]

The development and future of local government transnational networking

Christopher Huggins |

A couple of weeks ago my article ‘Subnational transnational networking and the continuing process of local-level Europeanization’ was formally published in the latest issue of European Urban and Regional Studies (an open access version can be found here). The article explores how local government transnational networking has developed since the 1990s. ‘Transnational networking’ essentially involves […]

Ahead of Hungarian General Elections—issues, pledges and campaign rhetoric (II)

Gulay Icoz |

In my last blog entry of 1st March, I talked about the possibility of Hungarian opposition political parties’ uniting forces against Fidesz in this General elections of 8th April and have speculated if Fidesz would live up to its statement that it would not use ‘Soros’ in their election campaign.  So what happened in the past four […]

Teaching European Studies in Times of Brexit

globaleurope |

This blog post was original published as part of the BISA Postgraduate Network blog series.      More and more British universities offer modules on the study of the European Union (EU). These allow students to learn how the institutions of the EU function and how its policies are made. The debate on how to […]

Ahead of the General Elections in Hungary (I)

Gulay Icoz |

Hungarians will be heading to the polling station on the 8th of April 2018, which is now in less than six weeks. They have a clear choice between keeping the status qua by voting for Viktor Orban’s Hungarian Civic Alliance Party or opting for a fresh start. An online survey ( indicates that public support for […]

‘Brexit’ and Anti-Discrimination Law in Northern Ireland

Crossroads Europe |

Publication resulting from the UACES 2017 PhD and ECR Conference The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union is bound to pose unique challenges for Northern Ireland, writes Clare Rice. Drawing on her research on anti-discrimination law in the region, she outlines the potential impact on the legal framework for equality and cross-community relations. The potential impact […]

Critical European Studies Need More Than Foucault

Crossroads Europe |

How can we create spaces for critical discussion about the European Union? Vanessa Bilancetti writes in response to Rachael Dickson Hillyard’s article on alternative approaches to EU Studies. Through her own research on institutional responses to the economic crisis, Vanessa Bilancetti identifies dissenting voices that can enrich an ongoing debate. I have read with interest […]

Does Boris Johnson remember what he said?

Jon Danzig |

Who knows what Boris Johnson really believes, least of all him? He previously said “what most people in this country want is the single market”, and he would personally vote to remain a member of it. He told the BBC Andrew Marr Show in 2012: ″We would like a new relationship. And it’s very simple […]

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